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Photographers Thoughts

I wanted to take a minute and share some of the experiences I have had as a photographer. Here are just a few of the projects that were memorable, all for different reasons. I want you to know that all of the amazing sessions I have had the opportunity to shoot with individuals, familes, businesses, seniors and so on are what has allowed me to experience the projects below. So thanks for allowing me to work with you. I look forward to many more fun creative and exciting sessions with everyone!

The first one involves a photo I took while shooting for a non-profit website. It involves a guy named Willie Nelson and a lady named Karen Musgraves. Karen is Kacey Musgraves mom, a well-known country music artist, and Karen is an artist in her own right. She created an amazing art piece of Willie Nelson. It is such a cool piece. Willie has one in his personal collection and a copy is in the Country Music Hall of Fame. It just so happens that the Musgrave family owns a print shop here in Mineola Texas and thought it might be cool to have the art painted as a mural on the side of their building,  A professional muralist from Miami, Luis Valle, was flown in and Karens piece was meticulously transferred to the wall. Here is where I came in. I was taking photos of the process and the Musgraves asked if I

sample website

would take some shots of the final mural, which I did.  Then, without my knowledge, the Musgraves,  who have a personal relationship with Wille shared the photo with the man himself, Willie Nelson. To my surprise, Willie made a post on his personal Facebook page to share the mural with the world.  The best part for me was the fact that Wille used my photo and gave me the photo credit. Thank You Willie!

Woman with Donkey
Making a movie
Making a movie

This Movie project was fun and exciting! A film crew invaded Mineola to make a feature film. The crew was made up of professionals from NY, LA and places in between. I was excitied when they contacted me to be their Behind The Scenes photographer! My job was to document the process. Three days later I had a ton of photos. You can see some of them by clicking here!

Magazine cover

Another one I am proud of is the cover of this magazine. I was working an advertising photo session with a large regional nursery. The photos would be used for their print and digital advertising. Many of those photos can be seen today at the J. Berry Nursery Website.  But thats not the cool part. A few months after this session I was contacted by a national magazine who asked me to go back to the nursery and do a session for them. They were featuring J, Berry Nursery in their magazine. Of course I said yes. We met at the nursery, discussed what they wanted for photos and wallah, my photography was used on the cover as well as the article spread. 

This one is a little different. My client asked me if I would do a session with her donkeys. Always looking for a challenge I accepted. We spent a few hours in the pasture taking pictures of her beloved donkeys which she named Lavern & Shirley. The final photos were outstanding. Here is the fun part. My client asked me to have a canvas print made of Lavern & Shirley which normally isn't an issue at all, however she asked that the canvas print be a 4 foot by 6 foot print. Now thats a big one. I took on the challenge and you can see the 4x6 foot canvas print in her family room in the picture to the left.

People watching

Texas Co-Op Magazine included one of my photos awhile back. It was a simple photo of an old tractor in a field but one they thought worth sharing.  Click the buttin to see the Texas Co-op Magazines page.

Old Tractor in Field

The truth of the matter!

As a professional photographer my work has appeared in all kinds of places. Background shots for ads, images for digital & social media promotions, human interest articles in magazines and an untold number of photos in newspapers. I am a contributor to many of the stock photo sites. But my all time favorite photos are the ones of families, kids, heck people in general! It's the photos that get into frames that are proudly displayed on a wall in the clients home that make me happy!  No one will remember me as their photographer in years to come, but they will look at those photos I captured and smile, and that's what makes me smile everyday! 

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