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Happy Family Photo

Bringing Your Vision to Life: Professional Photography Services from Ken Kirk Photography

At Ken Kirk Photography we specialize in photography services for all types of occasions. From weddings to corporate events, We have the experience and skills to capture your memories in the most beautiful way possible. Looking for something specific? Here are a few of the sessions we can provide. To see more scroll down for an overview.  
Photographer & Helper
Beautiful Model
Beauty Photo


Portrait Photo

At Ken Kirk Photography, we provide a wide range of services, from Modeling, Couples, Family, Kids, Young Adults, Product/Commercial, Real Estate and more. Our goal is to deliver stunning photos that will capture your special moments and last a lifetime. With our services, you can be sure to get the perfect shots for any occasion.

Heads shots potraits

Head Shots, Portraits

Look no further than Ken Kirk Photography. With years of experience in the photography industry, we will capture the perfect headshot for your business needs or a stunning portrait to grace your walls. Let us help you bring your vision to life

Head shot for advertising purposes
Head shot of women
Head shot business purposes
Professional head shot


Young mans portrait
Mom and child
Young Ladies Posed Portrait


Great Photos = Great Memories!  Custom Sessions Designed Just For You!

Are You a Professional needing a Professional Head Shot. We can make you look good!


The Two of You!

At Ken Kirk Photography, we specialize in capturing special moments in a timeless and meaningful way. Our photography sessions are designed to immortalize your most precious memories in a way that you will cherish for years to come.

We offer a variety of services, such as couples and duo's photography. Be it friends, family or lovers, our sessions are designed to capture your most intimate moments and bring out your best features. We strive to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for our clients and to make sure that each and every one of them is satisfied with the end result.

Grandfather and Granddaugter
Mon and daughter portrait
Two close friends portrait


Friends, Couples, Family? Our Couples Sessions are designed so you both have memories to cheerish.

Short People

At Ken Kirk Photography, we capture life's special moments and memories for customers with our timeless, high-quality photographs. We understand that there are only young once, so don't miss out! Let us be there to capture those precious memories for you.

Happy kid on swing
Yound child on tractor looking back
Amish Kids in Sunday Best


They're only young once and not for very long. Our kids sessions are designed to capture your little one as they kid they are!

Young Ones

Young Adults / Senior Photos

Our Young Adults/Senior Photos service captures the unique and special time in a young adult's life. Whether it's graduating high school, college, or any other occasion, we ensure that each moment is celebrated with beautiful and timeless photos. Our experienced photographers guarantee that you get the perfect shot to remember this milestone for years to come.

Yound Mans Senior Portrait
Beautiful Young Lady
Young Lady posing


Weather they are graduating High School or on to College, now is the time to create memories with a Young Adult session!

Young Adults

Getting Hitched?

We love Weddings! Our Wedding for You package will ensure that the special day is captured in beautiful images that you will treasure for years to come. Our experienced photographers will capture every moment of your special day in a way that is unique and personalized to you.


Bride and Groom posing for photo
Beautiful Bride
Couple getting married


Happy couple just married

Let's talk Weddings!  We like speciality weddings. We are picky about the ones we do to insure we provide the best everlasting results. 

Family Gatherings

Ken Kirk Photography is dedicated to capturing those special moments when families come together. Whether it’s a family reunion, birthday, or any other special occasion, we understand the importance of capturing these memories and preserving them for years to come.

We believe that family is the foundation of life and that’s why we strive to capture the beauty in each moment. Our passion is to capture the essence of your family gathering in beautiful and timeless photos.

Family group photo
Family Posing for camera


Young Child looking at camera

Kids Are Special

Your KIDS play SPORTS?  Capture the memories!  Someday you will look back and be glad you did. They grow up so darn fast!

Kids Sports


Sample Advertising Photo
Product photos used in flyer
Photo used to advertise



It's The Visuals That Count!

When you need that special commercial photo to show off your product or business, we can make that happen! After all, the first step in advertising is catching the viewers eye! You tell us what you would like to express and we will show you a few ways your images will get your viewers attention.

Magazine Cover


Example real estate photo
Overhead shot of living area in real estate photo
Front Shot Of Real Estate listing

Listing a home and need high quality photos for the listing?  We know that photos are what brings potential buyers to your listings. 

Real Estate

Video Productions

Ken Kirk Photography also creates video promotions. We specialize in designing and creating custom videos and slideshows. For commercial use or as a family memories. Our videos and promotional slideshows provide a wide range of services to meet your specific needs. 

Commercial Videos

Legacy Videos

Sound is turned off

Best with Sound On

We refer to our Legacy videos as Back In The Day as they are designed to have your older loved one share their life experiences from Back In The Day! We create a documentary style video as we interview your loved one while they recall life from Back in The Day! It's a great way for family members to be remembered and honored as the years pass!  Find out More Here!

Web site example
Web site example
Web site example

Website Design

Ken Kirk Photography provides comprehensive web design services to make your online presence as eye-catching as possible. From providing the perfect photos to acquiring a domain and building a stellar site, we provide everything you need to look great online.

Web site example
Web Site example
Web site example
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