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It's More Than Money

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The best photography sessions are a result of collaboration between you, the client, and the photographer. The facts are the more you can prepare for your session, the more successful your session will be.  Many people believe all they have to do is show up at their photo session and the results will be outstanding. When in fact showing up is only a minor part of the process. Your Personal Investment in the process and session has a Direct Result on the final outcome!

Getting Ready

We will schedule time before your photo session to discuss your vision. We will discuss what you would like to achieve from your session. For some the session maybe more than your kids, it may include a family session. For others it may be portraits or senior pictures. Some will be theme based. It is up to you. It is your session! Our mutual understanding will help achieve those special results you are looking for.

We will discuss things for you to consider such as, suggestions on how to dress. What colors will work best? Should you have makeup and hair professionally done?  We will review our Before the Session page. We will discuss locations that work with your vision. Lighting is very important. The time of the session may be influenced by the location. This will help us determine the best time of the day to shoot. We will also discuss how long the session should last and more. Once we both have a clear understanding of what the session is about, we will be able to produce a far better end result. Much better than if we simply showed up!

At The Session

We will work together to get the best shots. We will help with poses and or assist in the use of props. We will work with backgrounds and incorporating surroundings when it makes sense. We will capture your vision the best we can. In the end your investment will be cherished for many generations to come!

Now, the cost.


60 Minute Photography Session starts at $325  

  • Each Photography Collections includes these benefits.

  • You will be able to choose from hundreds of print options.

  • Before each session we will discuss your vision. At that time we will determine if we are a good fit for your photo session. By doing so we can help ensure we accomplish your vision.

  • Sessions will be designed to be lighthearted, friendly and fun.

  • All images will be professionally edited. 

  • Images are presented to you in person for your personal review.

  • Your images will be available online through your personal gallery. This allows you to share with family and friends.

  • All images are processed at professional photo labs. 

  • Your professionally created photos are then delivered to your door. 

You will be proud of the results!

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