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Willie Nelson

I recently had the opportunity to do some photographic work on an mural which depicted an amazing painting of Willie Nelson. The painting was the work of Karen Musgraves, the mother of the country music star Kacey Musgraves. The painting itself has major notoriety, including one owned by Willie himself. The Musgraves family owns a printing business in downtown Mineola, Texas and Karen Musgraves has her own shop/gallery at the Beckham Hotel in Mineola.  

There is a non-profit organization in Wood County Texas called Wood County Walls. Their goal is to add professional murals throughout the county to promote the county and help bring more visitors to the area. This is where Willie comes in. The Musgraves are associated with Willie through their connections with Kacey so in collaboration with Wood County Walls and the Musgraves family, the award-winning art of Karen Musgraves was selected to be painted on the wall of the MPrints-Printing business.

The mural had to be top notch so the selection of a muralist was important. Luis Valle was asked if he would do the honors and he accepted.  Luis Valle is a nationally and internationally recognized muralist with an outstanding reputation. So in May of this year Luis and his wife Sara arrived in Mineola to begin the process of creating the famous Willie Nelson portrait on the side of a downtown Mineola building.  On May 6th the mural was dedicated and is available for all to see. If you’re in the area, take a picture in front of the mural and send it to me. I will add it to the Wood County Walls website for other to enjoy.

Judge for yourself the results!  Scroll down to see the mural in process and the completed project. 

The Results

The Process

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