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Making a Movie

Making A Movie

I was brought in to be the offical Behind The Scenes photographer for a motion picture being filmed and produced in Mineola. My job was to capture what goes on behind the scences during the movie making process. I had full access to everything and everyone. These are some of the photos from three of the filming locations over a three day period. I hope they give you some idea of the complexity and amount of time making a movie involves. As far as the actors go, it starts with make up. But there is plenty of time when it isn't their turn to act, so what happens then? It's the Production Crew that makes it all come together. They plan and execute every minute.  But it is the actors that are the face of the project. Who are they? Scroll down to learn more.

It Starts With Makeup

The Sets

The sets and crew

During the production something is going on at all times, but it isn’t always the actors acting. The production crew is checking camera angles, lighting, sound, scripts and much more. Simply put, there is a lot of organized confusion on set.

Wait, wait, wait! The boring part of acting.

Production Wait Time

Being an actor means lots of waiting time. While the production sets up the scene, the camera angles, where the sound guy will be and so on, the actors are just waiting their turn. Guess you get paid the big bucks cause you have patience.  Here are a few shots of them just waiting.

The Actors

The Actors

A movie wouldn't be a movie without actors. Most of the actors were very friendly and treated me like one of the family. They didn't mind me being in their face and as you will see many took the opportunity to show me their best side sort a speak.  Let me try and introduce them below!

So, What is the name of the movie and what is it about?  A small-town businesswoman wreaks havoc on a local gang after they tear her community apart. The working title is Bad Bitch!

At the time of this posting the film is still in post production. I for one can't wait to see it finished!