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Before The Session


Things to Think About

A kids photo session, or any photo session, is a chance to capture special moments and memories. You will be making an investment that will be cherished for many years to come. With that in mind here are some suggestions that can enhance your results many fold.

Your complete session will be guided by your inspiration. What do you want to accomplish? Everything from location to clothing and even props will determined by your inspiration. For example, maybe you are doing a kids train engineer session. You location might be somewhere that has trains. Maybe your little one wants to be Queen for a day, thus costumes and accessories become important. Doing a photography photo shoot with the proper clothing, makeup, hair and so on goes a long way in a successful kids or family photography session. 

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Here are some Kid's Photo session specifics to consider:


Prop's and Dress

You may want to bring props. Props can really add interest to a session. For example, if you are at a party you might want balloons or party favors. A picnic in the park? You might want a blanket and picnic basket, maybe you would have a wine bottle and wine glasses. Again, think about how props can enhance your results.

​Dress is IMPORTANT! If you are not doing a themed kids photography session, you and your child should look comfortable. But look your best! You should dress like a movie star, be bold, use bright colors, accessorize a lot. This is true for both girls and boys.

If you are doing a family photography session, avoid wearing the same thing/colors. If there is more than one person in the picture, coordinate yes, match no! Don’t be afraid to go beyond your comfort level.  Stand out! Make a statement! Just don’t over do it. No clowns please, unless that’s the goal! You may want to change clothing a few times for different looks, that is OK!

Although I have numerous locations I like to shoot at please share your thoughts. Maybe you want horses in the background or airplanes. Maybe your favorite playground. You might like a formal background or a relaxed country background. The choices are endless, but the choice should fit the session.  We recently shot a themed session. Mom’s two-year-old wants to be a train engineer. Thus mom dresses him in traditional engineer overalls and cap and we shoot the childs photo session at a train museum. The train engines and equipment on display are used as props and backgrounds. The results sealed the vision!

Amanda Holley N (173).jpg

Sometimes your props are an old tarp, your sister, and your best friend!

We met the clients vision!



Hair and Makeup should be great looking. I suggest boys have their hair cut a few days before the photo session This way it doesn’t look fresh cut. For girls it goes back to what we talked about above. What look are you trying to portray? What ever it is I suggest having her hair professionally done, think Movie Star.


Have her makeup done also. Don't forget, guys can look better with a bit of makeup too. A professional makeup artist knows how to make them look, well.... like a movie star. If you don’t have the budget for that you might want to do it yourself. You may want to ask a friend who always looks good in her makeup to put your childs make up on. Even a casual session should include good makeup but don't over do it, again, no clowns please!


Looking Good

The Session

At the session, be prepared to think outside the box. Be open and ready for unique poses and positions. Be willing to let your child show personality. Everyone should have fun!!

​You will be amazed at the difference these suggestions can make. Take some time and plan your photography session. Your time and efforts will pay off!

​Oh Yea, don't be afraid to offer suggestions during the session, after all you know your kids and family better than anyone. Working as a team is a great way to get  outstanding results.

Amanda Holley N (318).jpg
Oh yeah, keep your child involved in the process. Make them feel important and special. Let them be the star of the day! In the end, you will have your star captured in some amazing photographs!

What They Said!

Ken did a great job of helping me and my family accomplish a great family photo that we will remember for a long time. Thanks Ken


Deven Shuler


We had the pleasure of working with Ken for our newborn shoot. He was very patient with us and our little one. (our little man refused to sleep majority of the shoot) Ken did a fantastic job of capturing so many precious moments for us to choose from. Highly recommend him!

Shannon Rodenburg

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