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It's not all people!

I love photographing people, especially kids. Capturing those true expressions and feelings is always fun, but I love to capture things too. I try to keep an eye open when out and about to see if there is anything that looks interesting, anything that would be fun to photograph. I've been known to be driving down the road and spot something cool, slam on the breaks, grab the camera, jump out of the car and start snapping away. One day I found myself standing on the double yellow line in the middle of a two lane road, were the speed limit was 70, taking photos of an old abandoned pickup, cars rushing by, some blowing their horns. Stupid? Yes! Exciting? Yes! Results? Excellent! Would I do it again? Darn Right! One day I saw an old tractor in a field as I drove by, I turned the car around pulled over and grabbed a few shots, one of which ended up being publish in a magazine. You see photography is what you make it. Getting photos of kids and families can produce some really nice end results that the client will have forever and I love that, but, at the same time sometimes those unplanned spur of the moment photos can be really cool and fulfilling!

Lighthouse compound on the pacific coast!
Example of Stop The Car and Shoot!

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