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Sneaky Client

Sometimes I get to do things in this job that are, well, just darn fun! A client asked me to lie, to be someone I wasn't and I said Yes! He, his girlfriend and some family members were coming to town for a weekend on the lake. He had made up a story about the owner of the cabin, the part I am playing, wanted to have us drop by his house. She didn't know why but went along. Once they arrived at my place, we played the game until suddenly he dropped to his knee and proposed to her! Of course I had a camera close by and captured it all. She was blown away, super surprised and yes, she said Yes! Now it gets better. He then tells here they are getting married that very afternoon. Family members were preparing the cabin for a wedding while he was proposing. So long story short, later that same day I got to capture their wedding for them! Their day started as longtime boyfriend, girlfriend and ended as Mr and Ms. and I got to photograph the whole thing! I Love My Job!

Fun Fact: The Groom's grandad is a preacher, who just happened to come along for the weekend. Just happened, yeah right! LOL

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